Fundamentals of Care access for those taking the Care Certificate

Fundamentals of Care is the go to book for those taking the Care Certificate and as such it is one of our most popular titles here at the library. With demand so high it can be hard to get a copy but we have you covered thanks to Kortext, our online eBook service, you can download and browse it anywhere you want to. Useful highlighting and annotation features make this the perfect study tool.

To access Kortext you will need an Open Athens Account but don’t worry just sign up to the library here and make sure you say yes to Open Athens and we will set you up. If you already have a library account but want Open Athens just send us an email.

Once you have Open Athens you will just need to click here to go to Kortext and then sign in using Institutional Access and select West Suffolk Hospital, that’s it you’re in, just search for Fundamentals of Care and you’re ready to study.