New Management and Leadership Collection

We are pleased to announce an exciting new collection of books and journals on leadership and management now available to West Suffolk Hospital Trust staff. This collection offers a wealth of knowledge on developing leadership skills, managing teams, and improving organisational performance. It includes seminal works on leadership theory as well as practical guides on implementing change,  and resolving conflict.

The collection comprises over 50 e-books, academic journals, as well as over 80 books from in the library. Staff will find trusted resources from top publishers and expert authors on topics including transformational leadership, lean management, emotional intelligence, and healthcare administration. Whether you are looking to inspire your team, advance your career or improve how your department operates, this collection has insights and strategies that will benefit you.

To access this collections online resources you will need an OpenAthens login, see our FAQ page to find out how to get yours. Online access enables you to read and refer back to these resources anytime, from work or home. We encourage all staff to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to enhance your leadership and management capabilities.  You can discover the full range of collections available on our collections page. Please contact the library if you require any assistance in accessing or navigating this new collection. Let’s continue building our knowledge to provide the best care and workplace possible here at West Suffolk Hospital Trust.

BMJ LeaderE-JournalRead here
Organization Management JournalE-JournalRead here
M@n@gementE-JournalRead here
Strategy & LeadershipE-JournalRead here
Strategic DirectionE-JournalRead here
Leadership, Education, Personality : An Interdisciplinary JournalE-JournalRead here
Leadership in Health ServicesE-JournalRead here
Nursing LeadershipE-JournalRead here
Business Ethics and LeadershipE-JournalRead here
Project Leadership and SocietyE-JournalRead here
Journal of Leadership in OrganizationsE-JournalRead here
International Journal of Public LeadershipE-JournalRead here
Journal of Corporate Responsibility and LeadershipE-JournalRead here
Human Service Organizations, Management, Leadership & GovernanceE-JournalRead here
Management and Economics Research JournalE-JournalRead here
Management and Economics ReviewE-JournalRead here
Management DecisionE-JournalRead here
Management InternationalE-JournalRead here
Management International ReviewE-JournalRead here
Management: Journal of Contemporary Management IssuesE-JournalRead here
Management & MarketingE-JournalRead here
Nursing ManagementE-JournalRead here
Practice ManagementE-JournalRead here
Strategic ManagementE-JournalRead here
Foundations of ManagementE-JournalRead here
Team Performance ManagementE-JournalRead here
Journal of Healthcare Management E-JournalRead here
Public Personnel ManagementE-JournalRead here
Health Care Management ReviewE-JournalRead here
Journal of Nursing ManagementE-JournalRead here
Health Care Management ScienceE-JournalRead here
Journal of Healthcare ManagementE-JournalRead here
Journal of Management & GovernanceE-JournalRead here
British Journal of Healthcare ManagementE-JournalRead here
Journal of Economics & Management StrategyE-JournalRead here
Journal of Health Organization and ManagementE-JournalRead here
Journal of Organizational Behavior ManagementE-JournalRead here
International Journal of Healthcare ManagementE-JournalRead here
The International Journal of Health Planning and ManagementE-JournalRead here
Innovations in Healthcare ManagementE-BookRead here
Leadership in Complexity and ChangeE-BookRead here
Managing ChangeE-BookRead here
Medical LeadershipE-BookRead here
Organizational Behaviour, Global EditionE-BookRead here
Resilience in Healthcare LeadershipE-BookRead here
Sustainability for Healthcare ManagementE-BookRead here
The 5 Disciplines of Inclusive LeadersE-BookRead here
The Leader's Guide to ResilienceE-BookRead here
The Leadership ChallengeE-BookRead here
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