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Nature Reviews CardiologyE-JournalRead here
Journal of Extracellular VesiclesE-JournalRead here
European Heart JournalE-JournalRead here
Journal of Thrombosis and HaemostasisE-JournalRead here
JACC: Basic to Translational ScienceE-JournalRead here
American Heart JournalE-JournalRead here
Journal of the American Heart AssociationE-JournalRead here
HeartE-JournalRead here
Radiology: Cardiothoracic ImagingE-JournalRead here
Journal of StrokeE-JournalRead here
European Stroke JournalE-JournalRead here
Research and Practice in Thrombosis and HaemostasisE-JournalRead here
Stroke and Vascular NeurologyE-JournalRead here
Clinical Research in CardiologyE-JournalRead here
JACC: CardioOncologyE-JournalRead here
European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular PharmacotherapyE-JournalRead here
Journal of Atherosclerosis and ThrombosisE-JournalRead here
The American Journal of CardiologyE-JournalRead here
Clinical CardiologyE-JournalRead here
Cardiovascular Endocrinology & MetabolismE-JournalRead here
British Journal of Cardiac NursingE-JournalRead here
Annals of pediatric cardiologyE-JournalRead here
BMC Cardiovascular DisordersE-JournalRead here
Cardiovascular Digital Health JournalE-JournalRead here
Current controlled trials in cardiovascular medicineE-JournalRead here
Integrated Blood Pressure ControlE-JournalRead here
Journal of Cardiovascular & Thoracic ResearchE-JournalRead here
Journal of Congenital CardiologyE-JournalRead here
Open HeartE-JournalRead here
The Cardiovascular System at a GlanceE-BookRead here
Remote Patient Monitoring in CardiologyE-BookRead here
The ECG WorkbookE-BookRead here
Manual of Valvular Heart DiseaseE-BookRead here
The Advanced Practice Nurse Cardiovascular ClinicianE-BookRead here
Oxford Handbook of CardiologyE-BookRead here
Oxford Textbook of Stroke and Cerebrovascular DiseaseE-BookRead here
Oxford Textbook of Interventional CardiologyE-BookRead here
ABC of arterial and venous diseaseBookRead here
ABC of hypertensionBookRead here
Crash course: CardiologyBookRead here
Braunwald's heart disease : a textbook of cardiovascular medicineBookRead here
Myocardial infarction : a companion to Braunwald's heart diseaseBookRead here
Crash course: Cardiovascular systemBookRead here
Inpatient cardiovascular medicineBookRead here
Heart failureBookRead here
Physiotherapy in respiratory and cardiac care: an evidence-based approachBookRead here
The interventional cardiac catheterization handbookBookRead here
Vascular diseases simplified BookRead here
Echocardiography: the normal examination and echocardiographic measurementsBookRead here
Echo made easyBookRead here
Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive DisordersE-journalRead here
Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders ExtraE-journalRead here
Dementia and Neurocognitive DisordersE-journalRead here
Dementia & NeuropsychologiaE-journalRead here
Alzheimer's & Dementia: Diagnosis, Assessment & Disease MonitoringE-journalRead here
Alzheimer's & Dementia: Translational Research & Clinical InterventionsE-journalRead here
American Journal of Alzheimer's Disease and Other DementiasE-journalRead here
Alzheimer's Research & TherapyE-journalRead here
npj Parkinson's DiseaseE-journalRead here
Dementia: The International Journal of Social Research and PracticeE-journalRead here
Journal of Neurodegenerative DiseasesE-journalRead here
Aging and DiseaseE-journalRead here
npj Aging and Mechanisms of DiseaseE-journalRead here
Aging BrainE-journalRead here
BMC GeriatricsE-journalRead here
Caring for People with Dementiae-bookRead here
Dementia Care at a Glancee-bookRead here
Essential Geriatricse-bookRead here
Everyday Citizenship and People with Dementiae-bookRead here
The Essential Dementia Care Handbooke-bookRead here
Australian Journal of Dementia CareE-journalRead here
Non-Pharmacological Therapies in DementiaE-journalRead here
Try This: Best Practices in Nursing Care to Older Adults with DementiaE-journalRead here
International Journal of Alzheimer's DiseaseE-journalRead here
Journal of Alzheimer's Disease ReportsE-journalRead here
Evidence-based practice in dementia for nurses and nursing studentsbookRead here
Practical nutrition and hydration for dementia friendly mealtimesbookRead here
Cognitive impairment and dementia in Parkinson's diseasebookRead here
First steps to living with dementiabookRead here
Dementia : support for family and friendsbookRead here
The 36-hour day : a family guide to caring for people who have alzheimer disease, related dementias, and memory lossbookRead here
Contented dementiabookRead here
Dancing with dementia : my story of living positively with dementiabookRead here
Dementia: everything your doctor doesn't have time to tell youbookRead here
Journal of Nutrition in Gerontology and GeriatricsE-JournalRead here
Journal of the American Nutrition Association E-JournalRead here
Nutrition and CancerE-JournalRead here
Nutritional Neuroscience (An International Journal on Nutrition, Diet and Nervous System) OnlineE-JournalRead here
NutritionJournal in libraryRead here
Nutrition health and disease: a lifespan approach BookRead here
Fruit and vegetable consumption and health : new researchBookRead here
Integrative nutrition therapyBookRead here
Preventative nutrition: The comprehensive guide for health professionalsBookRead here
Nutrition support for the critically ill patient : a guide to practiceBookRead here
Nutritional management of diabetes mellitusBookRead here
NutritionebookRead here
Nutrition and Diet TherapyebookRead here
Metabolism and nutrition.BookRead here
Principles of diabetes care: evidence-based management for health professionalsBookRead here
Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and ResearchE-JournalRead here
Clinical Nutrition ResearchE-JournalRead here
Clinical ObesityE-JournalRead here
European Journal of Clinical NutritionE-JournalRead here
Journal of Human Nutrition and DieteticsE-JournalRead here
Nutrition & DieteticsE-JournalRead here
Public Health NutritionE-JournalRead here
Clinical Nutrition Open ScienceE-JournalRead here
Preventive Nutrition and Food ScienceE-JournalRead here
Food Science and Human WellnessE-JournalRead here
British Journal of NutritionE-JournalRead here
Journal of Nutritional ScienceE-JournalRead here
Nutrition Research and PracticeE-JournalRead here
NICE Guidance Online databaseRead here
BMJ Best Practice Online databaseRead here
Equality and Diversity
Equality, Diversity and InclusionE-JournalRead here
Journal of Diversity and Gender Studies (DiGeSt)E-JournalRead here
Ageing, Diversity and EqualityE-BookRead here
Autobiography on the SpectrumE-BookRead here
Black and BlueE-BookRead here
Brit(ish)E-BookRead here
Can I tell you about Gender Diversity?E-BookRead here
Design for InclusivityE-BookRead here
Don't Touch My HairE-BookRead here
Gender Diversity and Non-Binary Inclusion in the WorkplaceE-BookRead here
Health Literacy Among Older AdultsE-BookRead here
How To Be an AntiracistE-BookRead here
I Know You're in There: winning our war against autismE-BookRead here
Invisible WomenE-BookRead here
LGBTQ Health ResearchE-BookRead here
Me and White SupremacyE-BookRead here
Overcoming Everyday RacismE-BookRead here
Religions, Culture and HealthcareE-BookRead here
Spirituality and Coping with LossE-BookRead here
The 5 Disciplines of Inclusive LeadersE-BookRead here
The Good ImmigrantE-BookRead here
The Routledge History of SlaveryE-BookRead here
The Spirit LevelE-BookRead here
The Uncomfortable Truth About RacismE-BookRead here
Trans and Non-binary Gender Healthcare for Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Other Health ProfessionalsE-BookRead here
Transforming LivesE-BookRead here
Transgender Employees in the WorkplaceE-BookRead here
Transgender HealthE-BookRead here
Understanding Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities in AdultsE-BookRead here
White FragilityE-BookRead here
Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About RaceE-BookRead here
Working with People with Learning DisabilitiesE-BookRead here
Equality books in the libraryBooksDiscover all the titles here
General Surgery
British Journal of SurgeryE-JournalRead here
Journal of Refractive SurgeryE-JournalRead here
BJS OpenE-JournalRead here
World Journal of SurgeryE-JournalRead here
The American Journal of SurgeryE-JournalRead here
Patient Safety in SurgeryE-JournalRead here
MicrosurgeryE-JournalRead here
Canadian Journal of SurgeryE-JournalRead here
The International Journal of Spine SurgeryE-JournalRead here
Frontiers in SurgeryE-JournalRead here
Gynecological SurgeryE-JournalRead here
BMC SurgeryE-JournalRead here
Annals of Surgical Treatment and ResearchE-JournalRead here
Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of EnglandE-JournalRead here
Innovative Surgical SciencesE-JournalRead here
Journal of Investigative SurgeryE-JournalRead here
Surgical PracticeE-JournalRead here
Acute Medicine & SurgeryE-JournalRead here
ENT Medicine and SurgeryE-BookRead here
General SurgeryE-BookRead here
Ambulatory SurgeryE-JournalRead here
European Journal of Trauma & Emergency SurgeryE-JournalRead here
International Journal of Surgery and MedicineE-JournalRead here
Perioperative MedicineE-JournalRead here
The Surgery JournalE-JournalRead here
Abernathy's surgical secretsBookRead here
FRCS general surgery section 1: 500 SBAs and EMIsBookRead here
Surgery : Core Principles and Practice Vol 1 & 2BookRead here
General surgery : lecture notesBookRead here
Rapid perioperative careBookRead here
Essential surgery: problems, diagnosis and management 
Read here
Alexander's care of the patient in surgery
Read here
Principles and practice of surgery
Read here
Abernathy's surgical secrets
Read here
Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgery (5 edn)E-BookRead here
Human Resource ManagementE-JournalRead here
Human Resources for HealthE-JournalRead here
People and StrategyE-JournalRead here
Leadership in Health ServicesE-JournalRead here
Strategic HR ReviewE-JournalRead here
Gender Diversity and Non-Binary Inclusion in the WorkplaceE-bookRead here
Innovations in Healthcare ManagementE-bookRead here
Managing Health and Wellbeing in the Public SectorE-bookRead here
Organizational BehaviourE-bookRead here
Sustainable Human Resource ManagementE-bookRead here
Transgender Employees in the Workplace: A guide for employers.E-bookRead here
Leadership and management in healthcareBookRead here
People resourcing and talent planning: HRM in practiceBookRead here
Creating a training and development strategyBookRead here
The theory and practice of change managementBookRead here
Management teams: why they succeed or failBookRead here
Effective people: leadership and organisation development in healthcareBookRead here
Implementing excellence in your health care organization : managing, leading and collaboratingBookRead here
Leadership in health and social care: an introduction for emerging leadersBookRead here
The project manager as change agent : leadership, influence and negotiationBookRead here
Gower handbook of leadership and management developmentBookRead here
Leadership blind spots-- and what to do about themBookRead here
Leading in a culture of changeBookRead here
Team building : an exercise in leadershipBookRead here
From management to leadership : practical strategies for health care leadersBookRead here
The leader's guide to managing people : how to use soft skills to get hard resultsBookRead here
Effective Strategic Leadership : The Complete guide to Strategic ManagementBookRead here
Management and Leadership
BMJ LeaderE-JournalRead here
Organization Management JournalE-JournalRead here
M@n@gementE-JournalRead here
Strategy & LeadershipE-JournalRead here
Strategic DirectionE-JournalRead here
Leadership, Education, Personality : An Interdisciplinary JournalE-JournalRead here
Leadership in Health ServicesE-JournalRead here
Nursing LeadershipE-JournalRead here
Business Ethics and LeadershipE-JournalRead here
Project Leadership and SocietyE-JournalRead here
Journal of Leadership in OrganizationsE-JournalRead here
International Journal of Public LeadershipE-JournalRead here
Journal of Corporate Responsibility and LeadershipE-JournalRead here
Human Service Organizations, Management, Leadership & GovernanceE-JournalRead here
Management and Economics Research JournalE-JournalRead here
Management and Economics ReviewE-JournalRead here
Management DecisionE-JournalRead here
Management InternationalE-JournalRead here
Management International ReviewE-JournalRead here
Management: Journal of Contemporary Management IssuesE-JournalRead here
Management & MarketingE-JournalRead here
Nursing ManagementE-JournalRead here
Practice ManagementE-JournalRead here
Strategic ManagementE-JournalRead here
Foundations of ManagementE-JournalRead here
Team Performance ManagementE-JournalRead here
Journal of Healthcare Management E-JournalRead here
Public Personnel ManagementE-JournalRead here
Health Care Management ReviewE-JournalRead here
Journal of Nursing ManagementE-JournalRead here
Health Care Management ScienceE-JournalRead here
Journal of Healthcare ManagementE-JournalRead here
Journal of Management & GovernanceE-JournalRead here
British Journal of Healthcare ManagementE-JournalRead here
Journal of Economics & Management StrategyE-JournalRead here
Journal of Health Organization and ManagementE-JournalRead here
Journal of Organizational Behavior ManagementE-JournalRead here
International Journal of Healthcare ManagementE-JournalRead here
The International Journal of Health Planning and ManagementE-JournalRead here
Innovations in Healthcare ManagementE-BookRead here
Leadership in Complexity and ChangeE-BookRead here
Managing ChangeE-BookRead here
Medical LeadershipE-BookRead here
Organizational Behaviour, Global EditionE-BookRead here
Resilience in Healthcare LeadershipE-BookRead here
Sustainability for Healthcare ManagementE-BookRead here
The 5 Disciplines of Inclusive LeadersE-BookRead here
The Leader's Guide to ResilienceE-BookRead here
The Leadership ChallengeE-BookRead here
Leadership books on the library catalouge BooksDiscover all the titles here
Birthe JournalRead here
Journal of Human Lactatione JournalRead here
Journal of Midwifery & Women's Healthe JournalRead here
British Journal of Midwiferye JournalRead here
Central European Journal of Nursing & Midwiferye JournalRead here
International Journal of Childbirthe JournalRead here
BMC Pregnancy and Childbirthe JournalRead here
Oxford Handbook of Midwifery 3ee JournalRead here
Contexts of Midwifery Practicee BookRead here
Handbook of Obstetric Medicinee BookRead here
How to Survive your Nursing or Midwifery Coursee BookRead here
Midwifery Emergencies at a Glancee BookRead here
Midwifery Skills at a Glancee BookRead here
Midwifery at a Glancee BookRead here
Physical Examination of the Newborn at a Glancee BookRead here
International Journal of Community-Based Nursing and Midwiferye JournalRead here
A concise guide to continuity of care in midwiferyBookRead here
Nurturing maternity staff: how to tackle trauma, stress and burnout to create a positive working culture in the NHS.BookRead here
Perinatal mental healthBookRead here
Skills for midwifery practiceBookRead here
Supervising and assessing student nurses and midwives in clinical practice: a practical guideBookRead here
Myles textbook for midwivesBookRead here
Emergency maternity careBookRead here
Antenatal: midwifery essentialsBookRead here
Basics: midwifery essentialsBookRead here
Physiology in childbearing : with anatomy and related biosciences.BookRead here
Labour: midwifery essentialsBookRead here
ClinicalSkills.netRead here
Nursing: Community
British Journal of Community NursingE-JournalRead here
Independent NurseE-JournalRead here
Journal of Community Health NursingE-JournalRead here
Journal of Health VisitingE-JournalRead here
Public Health NursingE-JournalRead here
Journal of Gerontological NursingE-JournalRead here
Geriatric CareE-JournalRead here
Nursing and Residential CareE-JournalRead here
Practice NursingE-JournalRead here
301 Careers in NursingE-BookRead here
Community health nursing test success: an unfolding case study reviewE-BookRead here
Healthy Places, Healthy People : A Handbook for Culturally Informed Community Nursing PracticeE-BookRead here
Rural Nursing : Concepts, Theory, and Practice, Fourth EditionE-BookRead here
Practice Nursing : Clinical Guidelines and Procedures in PracticeE-BookRead here
Elder Abuse and Nursing : What Nurses Need to Know and Can Do About ItE-BookRead here
Palliative and Nursing Home Care: Policies, Challenges and Quality of LifeE-BookRead here
An Interdisciplinary Approach to HomecareE-BookRead here
A Textbook of Community NursingE-BookRead here
Excellence in Compassionate Nursing CareE-BookRead here
Mental Health for Primary CareE-BookRead here
Public health in policy and practice : a sourcebook for health visitors and community nursesBookRead here
Oxford Handbook of Primary Care and Community NursingE-BookRead here
Patient assessment and care planning in nursingBookRead here
Evidence-based practice in dementia for nurses and nursing studentsBookRead here
Community and public health nursingBookRead here
Health visiting: a rediscovery BookRead here
Introduction to community-based nursingBookRead here
Public health and community nursing : frameworks for practiceBookRead here
Community health care nursingBookRead here
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Ultrasound in Obstetrics & GynecologyE-JournalRead here
BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics & GynaecologyE-JournalRead here
Prenatal DiagnosisE-JournalRead here
Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica ScandinavicaE-JournalRead here
Journal of Ovarian ResearchE-JournalRead here
BMC Pregnancy and ChildbirthE-JournalRead here
International Journal of Gynecology & ObstetricsE-JournalRead here
Journal of Psychosomatic Obstetrics & GynecologyE-JournalRead here
Infectious Diseases in Obstetrics and GynecologyE-JournalRead here
Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and GynaecologyE-JournalRead here
Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology ResearchE-JournalRead here
Gynecological SurgeryE-JournalRead here
Obstetrics & Gynecology ScienceE-JournalRead here
Gynecology and Minimally Invasive TherapyE-JournalRead here
Obstetrics and Gynecology InternationalE-JournalRead here
Case Reports in Obstetrics and GynecologyE-JournalRead here
BMC Women's HealthE-JournalRead here
Clinical and Experimental Obstetrics & GynecologyE-JournalRead here
Contraceptive Technology UpdateE-JournalRead here
Current Gynecologic OncologyE-JournalRead here
Journal of Gynecologic OncologyE-JournalRead here
The Obstetrician & GynaecologistE-JournalRead here
Gynaecology by Ten TeachersE-BookRead here
Handbook of Obstetric MedicineE-BookRead here
Obstetrics and GynaecologyE-BookRead here
Obstetrics by Ten TeachersE-BookRead here
Oxford Handbook of Obstetrics and GynaecologyE-BookRead here
Emergencies in Obstetrics and GynaecologyE-BookRead here
Berek & Novak’s Gynecology EssentialsE-BookRead here
Clinical obstetrics and gynaecologyBookRead here
Essential obstetrics and gynaecologyBookRead here
Bonney's gynaecological surgeryBookRead here
Journal of Bone and Mineral ResearchE-journalRead here
Acta OrthopaedicaE-journalRead here
Current Reviews in Musculoskeletal MedicineE-journalRead here
Osteoporosis InternationalE-journalRead here
JBJS : Journal of Bone & Joint SurgeryJournalFind in the library
Journal of Orthopaedics and TraumatologyE-journalRead here
Essential orthopaedics and trauma.BookRead here
Apley and Solomon's system of orthopaedics and traumaE-BookRead here
Apley and Solomon's system of orthopaedics and traumaBookRead here
Review of orthopaedics : expert consult BookRead here
Basic orthopaedic sciencesBookRead here
Basic orthopaedic sciencesE-BookRead here
Trauma and orthopaedics at a glanceBookRead here
Textbook of orthopaedics, trauma and rheumatologyBookRead here
Oxford Handbook of Orthopaedics and TraumaE-BookRead here
Oxford Textbook of Trauma and Orthopaedics (2 ed.)E-BookRead here
3D Virtual Anatomical ModelsWebsiteRead here
BMJ Best PracticeOnline DatabaseRead here
Quality Improvement
BMJ Quality & SafetyE-JournalRead here
Journal of Organizational Change ManagementE-JournalRead here
BMJ Open QualityE-JournalRead here
Strategic DirectionE-JournalRead here
Preparing for Continuous Quality Improvement for HealthcareE-BookRead here
Transforming Health CareE-BookRead here
Evidence-based practice for nursing and healthcare quality improvementE-BookRead here
Curing health care: new strategies for quality improvement. A report on the National Demonstration Project on Quality Improvement in Health Care.E-BookRead here
Quality improvement in primary care : the essential guideE-BookRead here
Quality improvement research : understanding the science of change in health care BookRead here
An introduction to excellence in practice development in health and social care BookRead here
The improvement guide : a practical approach to enhancing organizational performanceBookRead here
Managing disruptive change in healthcare : lessons from a public-private partnership to advance cancer care and researchBookRead here
Managing change in organizationsBookRead here
Making sense of change management : a complete guide to the models, tools, and techniques of organizational change BookRead here
Organizational changeBookRead here
The theory and practice of change managementBookRead here
ThoraxE-JournalRead here
European Respiratory ReviewE-JournalRead here
Respiratory ResearchE-JournalRead here
BMJ Open Respiratory ResearchE-JournalRead here
BMC Pulmonary MedicineE-JournalRead here
Primary Care Respiratory MedicineE-JournalRead here
The International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung DiseaseE-JournalRead here
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases : Journal of the COPD FoundationE-JournalRead here
Sleep and BreathingE-JournalRead here
European Clinical Respiratory JournalE-JournalRead here
Pediatric PulmonologyE-JournalRead here
Pulmonary CirculationE-JournalRead here
The Clinical Respiratory JournalE-JournalRead here
Respiratory CareE-JournalRead here
Journal of AsthmaE-JournalRead here
Annals of Thoracic MedicineE-JournalRead here
Experimental Lung ResearchE-JournalRead here
British Journal of Hospital MedicineE-JournalRead here
Canadian Respiratory JournalE-JournalRead here
Clinical Medicine Insights: Circulatory, Respiratory & Pulmonary MedicineE-JournalRead here
COPD: Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseE-JournalRead here
RespirologyE-JournalRead here
Asthma, COPD, and OverlapE-BookRead here
Pulmonary physiology and pathophysiology : an integrated, case-based approachBookRead here
Core topics in airway managementBookRead here
Pulmonary function tests in clinical practiceBookRead here
Essential respiratory medicineBookRead here
West's respiratory physiology : the essentialsBookRead here
Paediatric respiratory medicineBookRead here
Crash Course in the Respiratory systemBookRead here
Oxford Handbook of Respiratory MedicineE-BookRead here
Scandinavian Journal of RheumatologyE-JournalRead here
JBJS : Journal of Bone & Joint SurgeryJournalFind in the Library
Annals of the Rheumatic DiseasesE-JournalRead here
Arthritis & RheumatologyE-JournalRead here
Arthritis Care & ResearchE-JournalRead here
RheumatologyE-JournalRead here
Arthritis Research & TherapyE-JournalRead here
BMC RheumatologyE-JournalRead here
Inflammation ResearchE-JournalRead here
Pediatric RheumatologyE-JournalRead here
Advances in RheumatologyE-JournalRead here
International Journal of Rheumatic DiseasesE-JournalRead here
Rheumatology and TherapyE-JournalRead here
Oxford Handbook of RheumatologyE-BookRead here
BMJ Best PracticeDatabaseRead here
NICE GuidanceDatabaseRead here
Rheumatology: a clinical handbook / by Ahmad Al-Sukaini, Mohsin Azam and Ash SamantaBookRead here
Rheumatology, orthopaedics and trauma at a glance / Catherine Swales, Christopher Bulstrode.BookRead here
Rheumatology / edited by Richard Watts BookRead here
Crash course: rheumatology and orthopaedics / by Cameron Elias-Jones and Martin PerryBookRead here
Rheumatology secrets / [edited by] Sterling G. WestBookRead here
Rheumatology nursing : a creative approach.BookRead here
Medical masterclass : rheumatology & clinical immunology, module 12BookRead here
ABC of rheumatology / edited by Michael L Snaith.BookRead here
Soft tissue rheumatology / edited by Brian Hazleman, Graham Riley and Cathy Speed.BookRead here
Arthritis in children and adolescents : juvenile idiopathic arthritis / edited by Ilona S. Szer ... [et al.].BookRead here
Speech and Language
American Journal of Speech-Language PathologyE-JournalRead here
Augmentative and Alternative CommunicationE-JournalRead here
Autism & Developmental Language ImpairmentsE-JournalRead here
Bilingualism: Language and CognitionE-JournalRead here
Clinical Linguistics & PhoneticsE-JournalRead here
International Journal of Speech-Language PathologyE-JournalRead here
Journal of Child LanguageE-JournalRead here
Language Learning and DevelopmentE-JournalRead here
Speech, Language and HearingE-JournalRead here
Journal of Speech, Language & Hearing ResearchE-JournalRead here
Neurobiology of LanguageE-JournalRead here
Auditory Perception & CognitionE-JournalRead here
Language AcquisitionE-JournalRead here
Language, Cognition and NeuroscienceE-JournalRead here
Hearing and deafness : an introduction for health and education professionalsBookRead here
Cognitive-communication disorders of MCI and dementia : definition, assessment, and clinical managementBookRead here
Neurology for the speech-language pathologistBookRead here
Using the Systems Approach for Aphasia: An Introduction for Speech and Language TherapistsBookRead here
Language intervention strategies in aphasia and related neurogenic communication disordersBookRead here
Clinical cases in dysphagiaBookRead here
Therapy outcome measures for rehabilitation professions : speech and language therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, rehabilitation nursing, hearing therapists.BookRead here
BMJ Best PracticeRead here
International Journal of WellbeingE-JournalRead here
Journal of WellnessE-JournalRead here
The Health and Wellbeing book collectionBooks CollectionDiscover all the books here
A Mindfulness Guide for the FrazzledE-BookRead here
And BreatheE-BookRead here
Change for the BetterE-BookRead here
Deconstructing AnxietyE-BookRead here
Developing Mental ToughnessE-BookRead here
Developing ResilienceE-BookRead here
Emotional ResilienceE-BookRead here
Enduring DesireE-BookRead here
GP WellbeingE-BookRead here
Going Nowhere, SlowE-BookRead here
Handbook of Mindfulness-Based ProgrammesE-BookRead here
Hope with DepressionE-BookRead here
Managing Health and Wellbeing in the Public SectorE-BookRead here
Mental Health and Wellbeing in the WorkplaceE-BookRead here
Micro-ResilienceE-BookRead here
Mindfulness in the WorkplaceE-BookRead here
Organised WellbeingE-BookRead here
Resilience at WorkE-BookRead here
Self-Care for Allied Health ProfessionalsE-BookRead here
Seven Ways to Build ResilienceE-BookRead here
Thinking, Fast and SlowE-BookRead here
Your Health at WorkE-BookRead here
The art of being brilliant : transform your life by doing what works for youBookRead here
Blank: why it's fine to falter and fail, and how to pick yourself up againBookRead here
Overcoming angerBookRead here
Shattered by grief : picking up the pieces to become whole againBookRead here
Reasons to stay aliveBookRead here
We swim to the shark : Overcoming fear one fish at a timeBookRead here
Five steps to financial wellbeingBookRead here
Older and wider : a survivor's guide to the menopauseBookRead here
Happy Finding joy in every day and letting go of perfectBookRead here
The stress solution : the 4 steps to reset your body, mind, relationships and purposeBookRead here
Mood boosting fiction booksBooks CollectionDiscover all the books here
Women's Health Resources
Women’s Health StrategyGovernment 10-year strategy Read here
Diversity Data Report Report Read here
Improving inclusion of under-served groups in clinical research: Guidance from INCLUDE project GuidanceRead here
Use of both sexes to be default in laboratory experimental designPolicy change Read here
Women’s Health Library Policy, Guidance and Learning Read here
Primary Care Women’s Health Forum Policy, Guidance and Learning Read here
Kings Fund: Women’s health Policy, Guidance and Learning Read here
Journal of Women’s Health Journal Read here
BMC Womens Health OA Journal Read here
Case Reports on Womens Health OA Journal Read here
Clinical Medical Insights: Womens Health OA Journal Read here
Healthcare for Women International JournalRead here
Journal of midwifery & women's health JournalRead here
Women & Health JournalRead here
Women’s Health JournalRead here
Women’s Health Reports JournalRead here
International Journal of Women’s Health JournalRead here
Research Conducted in Women Was Deemed More Impactful but Less Publishable than the Same Research Conducted in Men Article Read here
“It's a Little Different for Men"-Sponsorship and Gender in Academic Medicine: a Qualitative Study Article Read here
Women's health hubs: information and guidanceGuidance Read here
WHC factsheets and other helpful resourcesA range of detailed factsheets providing information and advice on a range of issues. The factsheets can be downloaded in PDF format or printed directly from the website. Read here
Women's health (NICE)Policy, Guidance and Learning Read here
What women want: addressing women’s health inequalitiesPodcastRead here
Bitch : a revolutionary guide to sex, evolution and the female animalBookRead here
Fearless : adventures with extraordinary womenBookRead here
Office on Women’s Health (American)A-Z Health TopicsRead here
The gender bias : the barriers that hold women back, and how to break themBookRead here
Difficult women : a history of feminism in 11 fightsBookRead here
Fix the system, not the women (New edition)BookRead here
Broken LightBookRead here