This service is only available to employees, volunteers and Governors at West Suffolk NHS Trust.

Please download or print off the form below, complete it and return to

Our usual turnaround for evidence searches is a minimum of two weeks, but this is dependent on workload and capacity. When specifying a deadline, please allow at least two weeks and please do not say ASAP as this is not specific enough.

We do not have dedicated time to complete evidence searches but fit them in around our usual workload, so a specific deadline is more helpful and enables us to plan our workload.

Please try to provide as much information as possible. We may contact you for more details or to ask questions. We may send a preliminary set of results to check we are on track, or if we discover something that contradicts your search terms.

In most cases, we will provide a synthesis of the evidence found, ranked according to either strength of evidence or relevance to your question.

We are unable to provide an evidence search for students or those undertaking academic study as this constitutes plagiarism, but can offer training sessions to teach you how to search for research. If you have any queries, please contact

Evidence Request Form