These are some of our most frequently asked questions

No question is a silly question and we have set out below answers to some of our most frequently-asked questions, but if your question is not here please email us at 

How do I access online resources?

How do I get an Open Athens password?

There are two ways: You can either tell us on your library membership form that would like a password and we will set it up for you, or you can self-register here 

I’m on the resource login page but I’m not sure which login box to use?

This is very common! It can be confusing, but just look for a link that says ‘login with Open Athens’ or ‘Institutional login’. We are always happy to help you get started.

How can I keep up to date?

Join KnowledgeShare

We offer a tailored evidence alerting service and will deliver an email every fortnight with links to your areas of interest. All you need to do is tell us what your professional interests are and we will set everything up. Email to register for KnowledgeShare,

Library bulletins

We currently produce three regular bulletins:

  • Nursing Current Awareness
  • Health Management and Innovation Update
  • Advancing Practitioners Bulletin

You can access the latest issue and back issues on our bulletins page. We also share bulletins produced by other NHS library services.

How many books can I borrow?

You can borrow six books at a time and they can be renewed three times automatically. After the third renewal we will ask whether you want to renew again, and if you do, we will discharge the book and re-issue it to you, unless someone else has reserved it.

We do not charge fines on overdue books, but we will email you asking you to return or renew the book.

We do charge a replacement fee for lost or damaged books. The amount is dependent on how much the book originally cost but each case is dealt with on an individual basis and we may waive a replacement fee altogether, if appropriate. Our aim is to keep our books in circulation, please help us to do so by returning books no longer required.

Can I eat in the Library?

Yes, you can eat and drink in the Library as we are a wellbeing hub and we want you to use the space to relax and have a rest, as well as for study. We ask only that you are considerate to other library users and try not to bring pungent foods into the library. 

Please be careful with drinks near the computers and please use the bins provided. We have a plastic bottle recycling bin in the Library and we encourage you to recycle your plastic bottles.

How do I find books in the Library?

Like every library, we use a classification system to help you find books on the shelves. Our system classifies books alphabetically under subjects, sub-section and then under the first three letters of the author’s surname. For example, Critical Reflection in Practice by Rolfe would be found at WY (nursing) 16 (reflective practice) ROL (author’s surname). 

Some collections, such as research and leadership, are simply classified alphabetically by author surname.

All of our print journals are classified alphabetically, eg Journal of wound care would be found under ‘J’ for journal then alphabetically under ‘W’. The Lancet would simply be found under ‘L’.

If in doubt, please ask us for assistance.

How do I take out books when there is no one at the library desk?

After Hours Book Checkouts

Library users are able to check out books outside of staffed hours via our self-service checkout system.

The Self-Service Process:

Locate the box at the circulation desk containing checkout slips. Fill out a slip with your full name and the identification numbers on the barcode inside the front cover. Place completed slip in the box. Library staff will check out the books to your library account upon our return to the desk.

No Library Account? Register Online:

Those without existing library accounts may register online using our quick account creation form. New library users can then follow the steps above to check out books during unstaffed periods.

Books are kept conveniently accessible in our facilities. Visitors may browse our catalogue to plan their after hours visits. Our pickup and renewed checkout options assist users who are unable to visit during standard operating times.