General enquiries

You can contact us by email at, by phone on 01284 713112 or in person by visiting the Library in the Drummond Education Centre on the West Suffolk Hospital site.

We are staffed Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm but you can also access the library 24/7 by swiping your ID badge at the door posts.

Academic Support

Check out the training courses we offer to support you along your learning journey.

Have you published? Let us know and we will include you in our annual repository of WSFT publications.

Embedded Librarian Service

Need to do a bit of team-building or run a focus group for a new service/idea? We are experienced facilitators and can run a Knowledge Cafe for you or help with a peer assist.

Journal clubs – we facilitate a range of journal clubs for clinical teams and provide a regular professional book club for all colleagues across the organisation. Contact us for more details.

Support for in-service training – we can attend your in-service training sessions and follow up with a detailed evidence search on the topics discussed.

The more you allow us to work with your teams, the better the service we can provide as we really get to know more about your roles and the patients you serve.

If you would like to embed an information professional into your team, contact us at 


Need information, fast?

Use the buttons above to request a book from our catalogue (we share books with every NHS library in the east of England, so if we don’t have it, we can get it for you).

Looking for articles? It can be tricky trying to find articles to support your work or study. Ask us to get the article for you, or teach you how to find the articles for yourselves.

Got a great idea but want to know if there is evidence out there to support it?

Ask us to do an evidence search for you. We can deliver the results within two weeks, with a full synthesis of the types of evidence we found and a summary of the main findings, perfect for your reports, business cases or presentations.

We can’t do evidence searches for student or colleagues undertaking any kind of study (because that would be plagiarism), but we can teach you how to design a search strategy and find the evidence you need.