Training and Library Inductions

The Library offers a comprehensive range of training courses, just click on the course title to see the course details. All training is free and available to all staff and students of West Suffolk NHS Trust.

Before attending a course you will need to have basic computer and Internet experience. You will also need to have registered for an NHS OpenAthens username and password: you can register at

All courses can be delivered face to face or online via Teams.

Search Skills

A  practical, hands-on 1-2-1 session is available looking at how to formulate a search strategy, search databases and find articles and research to support your practice or studies. Please bring a suitable topic with you and we will work through the search together. You will need to have registered for an Open Athens account and password to access online resources. We would recommend completing this free online course before booking a 1-2-1 session. Literature Searching – elearning for healthcare (

Critiquing Research Papers

This session will provide an introduction to critical appraisal for study, research, journal clubs or professional development. It is in two parts and will cover both quantitative and qualitative research and the sessions can be delivered separately. The sessions are interactive and you will be expected to undertake an appraisal, with support, using critical appraisal checklists. Date of next workshop 17th April 9am to 11am

Introduction to Medical Terminology

Become confident in how to interpret medical terms. You will discover the origins of medical language; recognise the component parts of medical terms and become familiar with terms for different anatomical structures, functions and systems. An accompanying handbook is available from the Library and must be collected prior to the course. It is also possible to access a narrated powerpoint via the intranet, please ask for details. Dates for 2024;

15th February, 21st March, 11th April, 16th May and 13th June.

Contact for bookings.


Health Literacy Awareness

Health literacy is a person’s ability to access, understand, appraise and use information and services to make decisions about health. Everyone who works in a healthcare setting, regardless of role, needs to be aware of the barriers and difficulties experienced by many patients to understand information and manage their own health, as this impacts on their wellbeing, their illness and the services they use. This session can be delivered as a short awareness workshop, or expanded into a full day’s workshop. A shorter 30 minute version is delivered with all library inductions.

How to cite, reference and avoid plagiarism

This is an opportunity to learn how to cite and reference sources of information correctly and how to use quotations and paraphrasing appropriately. The aim of this 1 hour session is to give you the skills to avoid plagiarism.

Library inductions

Inductions are offered on a pre-arranged or ad hoc basis. Group inductions are 1 hour and cover the basics of using the Library plus an introduction to health literacy awareness. 121 inductions are more tailored to your information needs.

How to book

To book any course or an induction, please email